Running For Office Is Hell: Donald Trump Shows Unprecedented Emotion As He Takes On The World!

West Palm Beach Florida. Friendly turf for the Donald. Most polls in the Sunshine State show that Trump has a real shot to win. And today, Donald opened up about the media, the Clinton’s and the kind of hell he is experiencing.

Rarely does Trump get emotional. But today there was a new sense of anger and frustration. More and more fabricated stories are coming out by the hour. Stories that are impossible to verify. Hearsay at best. But that isn’t stopping the New York Times or People Magazine. The Clinton’s own the media. That’s not up for debate. Wikileaks has the emails that are confirming everyone’s worst fears: the media is just another arm of the Clinton campaign.

Trump lashed out and announced that he will be suing the New York Times for slander. In fact much of Trump’s speech was a point by point indictment of the media industrial complex. A global cabal that is doing everything in it’s power to save the translucent. diseased old woman named Hillary.

Donald’s speech was filled with fact after fact about the corruption and collusion that exists between the fabrication class and the political class. And although Trump did not mention the GOP by name, his warm up act, Rudy Giuliani told the capacity crowd that “the shackles” were off. Translation, F.U. Paul Ryan.

Trump went on about how these relentless attacks are taking a toll on his family. At one point he told a familiar story about how one his friends begged him to stay away from the political arena. For a rare moment, the Donald seemed vulnerable. The whole world has been unleashed against him. And he is clearly starting to show different emotions.

I don’t even think Donald Trump could gauge the level of hell he’d be exposed to. Imagine, a media culture that promotes sex and violence and drug abuse is upset about what Trump said to a woman 11 years ago. And of course Bill Clinton’s rapes are supposedly a right-wing conspiracy. It’s unconscionable how much bias and collusion there is. Yet Trump is soldiering on.

Clearly there was something different going on today in West Palm Beach. There was a man on stage attacking his opponents while taking a personal inventory of the sacrifice that he is making. When Trump touted the latest Rasmussen poll, he noted that he is up by two points and then quickly pointed  to the gigantic crowd and yelled “you!” Donald is way  more humble than people think.

The next few weeks are going to be painful. When Trump mentioned that “finally on November 8th we will have a verdict on the failed policies of a corrupt government”, there was an acknowledgement of the hell that is still to come. Even with all of the damning Wikileaks, it appears vampire Clinton cannot be vanquished. She is being propped up, a-la weekend at Bernie’s, by an incomprehensibly large gaggle of global players who are hoping for a further diluted America.

Many of us onlookers are running out gas. Thankfully, it appears Donald Trump always runs on a full tank.


2 thoughts on “Running For Office Is Hell: Donald Trump Shows Unprecedented Emotion As He Takes On The World!

  1. The corruption must be so pervasive there is almost nowhere to turn. Justice dept.,fbi ,cia, all silent on the total lies they expext us to believe and are being told to us.


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