Donald Trump: Our Last Off Ramp Before The Meltdown Begins


So I haven’t been blogging too much. I’ve said all there is to say about this election. I cannot compete with the corrupt wall of information from the Joseph Goebbels news media. Polls are rigged. The election is rigged, the entire country is rigged against me and my family. The economy is rigged against upward mobility. The third world is invading us, and nobody is trying to stop it.

I am clutching to Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge and a few other sources for comfort. I know the man I support is the perfect man for the job. I know that Hillary is a corporate beast who only wants to fulfill her lifelong dream of being Queen of the world. She has no agenda, no fix, no change for the status quo.

Am I witnessing the beginning of the end? Will states unite if they rig the electoral college? I feel so isolated and alone. So many people scamper around from the gas station to the mall and have no idea that there is a war on for the truth. It’s not even about left or right anymore. It’s about reality versus fiction. Why is it that I see reality so much differently than my fellow Americans? Or have I been just conditioned to think all these things? Have they succeeded in stealing my hope?

We’ve already won the information war. It’s just a matter of people looking up from their smart phones for one bloody minute to see that the witch from Arkansas is only in it for herself. She has admitted that she doesn’t like mingling with the working class. She’s on record saying to her Wall Street globalist pals that she can no longer relate to the peasantry class. I can’t help you if you believe in her. I believe in Donald Trump.

In the end it’s about God. He controls this. Donald Trump is not the savior. Jesus is. And I put my trust in Him. But at the same time I beg God to intervene and cast these demon politicians into outer darkness where they will gnash their teeth and beg for just a drop of water. I can no longer just pray nice things about evil people. Evil needs to be defeated by good. Donald Trump is the last off ramp before the meltdown begins. And I pray that he wins this election and vanquishes evil in the process.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Our Last Off Ramp Before The Meltdown Begins

  1. Thank you David for all your words. We love following you and appreciate your wisdom. Prayers for you and your family. Prayers for our Nation. We pray God reveals ALL TRUTH. We agree with you.
    LeeAnne and Dave
    Keller, Texas


  2. Hi Dave … I don’t often reach out to bloggers but I see your sincerity and wanted to comment. I’m currently in Bangkok, Thailand helping Pakistani Christians who fled there from Pakistan because of Muslim persecution. I think my years of fighting for Christians’ rights put me in a unique position to comment on the current situation. I can tell you that one of the biggest problems we have in Christianity in the US is its failure to see past its own borders to the problems of Christians, particularly persecuted Christians, in other lands, and the vast unused opportunities we have to help them. I attribute this paralysis in many cases due to fear. Fear stoked by self-serving sources such as Infowars, which have people convinced we are powerless. This simply is not the case. There is so much we can do. I would love to talk to you some time and show you.


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