Oh No No No! Every MSM Poll Is DEM Over Sampled + 14, +20!


Donald Trump has state coordinators. I’ve been in touch with many of them. All of them tell me that their internal polls are very strong. They tell me the sample size of their internal poll is five times the size of the average mainstream media poll. Even the Real Clear Politics average cannot be trusted because it is taking the average of polls that have been democrat over sampled by as much as 20%! That type of manipulation will get you the wrong results every time.

I’ve also been told that there is an internal memo going around that Trump insiders have gotten a hold of. Gas Lighting is another term that has gained prominence in this election cycle. It’s pure psy-ops designed to make Trump supporters less enthusiastic. It’s then relentlessly beat into the consciousness of Trump supporters pushing them to suicide or mild depression. And it’s done day after day, night after night, on both local and national newscasts. It’s all coordinated and choreographed. The memo quotes an anonymous source which is says “the Gas Lighting won’t stop until the election results are in”.

In addition to the Gas Lighting, survey respondents are asked a series of questions that only CNN would care about. Questions about climate change, and equal pay for equal work, and which candidate is better positioned to handle their pet peeve leftist drivel. But when the survey is processed, the answers to these lefty questions are overlaid into a template of more substantive issues like jobs and the economy. It’s like giving an answer to a question you were never asked.

Team Trump has hired some very good internal pollsters. Donald is all about polls and he would have it no other way. He’s not going to trust NBC or the Wall Street Journal – both of whom vigorously oppose his campaign. Even with these drastic over samples, Trump is still tied or even ahead in some cases.

So before you jump off the ledge, drill down into the metrics of these polls. They are all rigged for Hillary Clinton. Something that has been a hallmark of her march to Queen-dom. The news media will have to pretend they are shocked on election day, as most of the zombie correspondents have absorbed their fake metrics through osmosis. November 9th might be the total end of what used to known as the mainstream media.

But take no chances! Get out and vote!


One thought on “Oh No No No! Every MSM Poll Is DEM Over Sampled + 14, +20!

  1. Remember: Kellyanne Conway’s main business is political polling, and her firm has been very, very well regarded in Washington on that score for 20+ years now. Stellar track record on internal polling.


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