Hillary Clinton Chants: Death To America!

Hillary-Clinton-Sick-777x437We are almost done. The experiment in the rule of law and self governance has just about run its course. Exhibit A in this scary museum is the latest revelation from FBI director James Comey. Last week JC reopened the investigation into the Clinton email scandal and then this Sunday shut it down. His move may have helped in states where early voting was still going on, but for the most part this was a move meant to placate those of us who have followed Wikileaks on an hourly basis.

So far the civilian investigation has been a much better success than the FBI’s. James O’Keefe and his Veritas gang have infiltrated the worst cases of corruption within the Democrat National Committee. In an alternate, parallel universe, where truth mattered, O’Keefe would be a rock star on par with Gene Simmons. But instead the media blinks and nods and flushes out another tramp who’s accusing Donald Trump of a plethora of things not related to anything in this century.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is privately chanting ‘death to America’. It’s same feeling one gets when watching those nice folks in Tehran celebrating the arrival of suitcases lined with billions of American tax payer dollars. It’s literally the same feeling. A huge pit in your stomach followed by a conscious acknowledgement that your country is run by the mafia. Not the good mafia. The congressional mafia. Complete with no resistance and a rubber stamp.

Tomorrow it’s Armageddon. Some call it election day. In Philly they call it scare whitey day. In other precincts, it’s tourist season. People get money and a free bus ride downtown where they are then given a dead guy’s name and a paper telling them which ovals to fill in.In other areas, voters will be told to use a machine that might be used in a Casino next week. Pull the lever and you might get three lemons, or a ‘Clinton’ as some have called it.

Of course the election is rigged. Obama trumped his own best lie about doctors and keeping them with the phrase, ‘what does that even mean?’ Funny, he knew what it meant in 2008 and 2012. As a community organizer you can bet your 2nd part time job that Obama rigged a few votes in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Hillary is still chanting ‘death to America’. Her friends in the media have picked up on this chant and use clever phrasing and buzz words to make America’s death seem quaint and acceptable. No longer do these paragons of objectivity hide their disdain for the 99% of us who are getting royally screwed by the ruling class.

If for some reason Donald Trump is unable to pull off the miracle of the millennium tomorrow, we as a county, a concept, a way of life will be over. Not immediately of course. But more like death by a thousand-million paper cuts. Unless you’ve got Casino money to play, you are just a peasant and will be promised more crumbs and more promises later. The economy will continue to unravel because you can’t sustain a country with borrowed or printed money. It’s a house of cards with cellophane windows. The Great Recession will return for an encore, but this time it won’t leave.

I’d like to think that voting matters. But when I watch a video where some rodeo clown in the DNC says they’ve been busing people in for 50 years, I get a little misty eyed knowing that my country is over and my vote is being offset by Mildred Perkins who died in 1948.

And much like the currency, if the country isn’t backed up by the rule of law and the consequences that go with that, then there is no country at all. We are just a border-less hodge-podge of territories that are being slowly usurped by a centralized bureaucracy. Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of everything the country is right now. Her ascendancy makes sense. At least Obama used to give a good stem winder when he was campaigning back in 2008. Hillary may own the world’s most shrill voice and she is the least inspiring presidential candidate in my lifetime. Walter Mondale included.

Meanwhile, I hear the pundits, the never trumpers, the DNC operatives all chanting ‘death to America’. The only way to stop the Armageddon is to vote for Donald Trump with such overwhelming numbers that the Coup against America is thwarted. Otherwise the bleeding and hemorrhaging will continue unabated. And those Iranians dancing in the streets will finally get their wish.


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