Plan To Arrest George Soros Is Hatched…More Details Coming Soon


In the coming days myself and one other friend here in Florida will be starting a movement – not just a page or a group. It will be a Trump style movement that will be targeting the world’s worst criminal. A man who manipulates currencies, bankrupts countries and hires mercenaries to create racism and chaos.

This man controls the so-called mainstream media and he is loved by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He lived his younger days as a Nazi sympathizer and he is one of the chief architects of the new world order. His presence on the world stage is an affront to any global citizen who cherishes freedom and democracy.

His name of course is George Soros. Myself and others are about to embark on a plan to truly save humanity and restore order to a world that has been taken over by money launderers and oligarchs.

Soros is the key domino in this group and we plan to topple him in an unprecedented campaign. And we plan to fight his economic and social terrorism with truth and justice. He will not be able to flee or hide from us. His arrest and imprisonment is our ultimate goal.

More details coming soon.


60 thoughts on “Plan To Arrest George Soros Is Hatched…More Details Coming Soon

  1. Good! I hope this happens quickly, because Soros is a traitor.

    On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 1:38 PM, T H E A M E R I C A N I N D E P E N D E N T wrote:

    > davidspuria posted: ” In the coming days myself and one other friend here > in Florida will be starting a movement – not just a page or a group. It > will be a Trump style movement that will be targeting the world’s worst > criminal. A man who manipulates currencies, bankrupts cou” >


    1. Russia already has a warrant for him, but I would rather see him stand trial and die in prison. We know he is a flight risk, so if we hold him w/o bail, I’m good with that. We should seize his assets and charge him accordingly ASAP. This goes far beyond just him. This involves potentially hundreds of other people, world wide.


      1. Please please please
        Arrest George s
        Hurry up !!!!
        These hula Le kids protesting need to know the truth

        Why isn’t any of this on main stream media
        It is insane !!!!
        TRUMP will get him 🙏🏻


    2. George is so much more than that he wasn’t a nazi sympathizer he actually worked for hitler to rob and turn over Jews to be exterminated- also wiki leak email from George to Hilary while serving as Secretary of State for foreign affairs was giving her orders on how to deal with Qatar and Saudi Arabia – in other words governing for USA or giving orders


  2. Through George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz’s Open Societies and the Responsibility To Protect (Samantha Power) organizations, and OTPOR (Yugoslavia aka Serbia) and CANVAS (Ukraine) George Soros filthy hands are all over the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the orchestrated coup in Ukraine where the civil war is still raging on and tens of thousands of innocent people have died. Of course, another Clinton, Hillary Clinton, has her filthy hands in Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq, and her husband, Bill Clinton, and her, in what happened in Yugoslavia where Clinton-Albrigh-General Wesley Clark (nicknamed Bozo by the Serbs), allied with the KLA Albanian terrorists and the al Qaeda and Mujahedeen in Bosnia (where they brought them into Bosnia on NATO planes and armed them) and bombed the Christian Serbs.

    Behind the scenes, Soros was definitely instrumental in the toppling of the Serbian government of now deceased Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic. President Milosevic was eventually imprisoned in the dungeons of the Hague where he died. Just before he died he wrote a letter to Putin saying that he had been poisoned. No matter, his death was very suspicious. Soros used his paid instigators of chaos and mayhem in OTPOR to bring down Milosevic’s government in Belgrade. These paid and trained protesters were trained in a place outside of Yugoslavia (I think Hungary) and brought into Belgrade to do their dirty work. A few years back the leader of OTPOR in Serbia committed suicide.

    Some time back Soros orchestrated an attempted coup in Macedonia with the help of his thugs, the KLA Muslim Albanian terrorists. The Macedonian government was able to thwart the coup which caused the deaths of about a dozen Macedonian police. Soros was paying Albanian students around $1500 to cause all kinds of mayhem there.

    In Ukraine Soros used his Open Society organizations and CANVAS to cause the same kind of chaos on the streets in Western Ukraine to bring down the duly elected government of Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych. Yanukovych was able to escape with his life with the help of Putin who sent in helicopters to pluck him out of his residence there, otherwise you can bet he would have been slaughtered by the Nazis in Kiev.

    Make no mistake about it, Soros is the Master of Civil Wars, coups, attempted coups, and Color Revolutions. He has unlimited funds, or so it seems, to wield the deaths of countless people by proxy. He buys up the media in the countries whose policies he wants to influence. He was wanted for Insider Trading in France and he boasted about collapsing the Bank of England. He has caused the collapse of countless countries. Putin has called for his arrest through Interpol I believe.

    The eventual dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia is a huge story in itself. Tito’s Croatia was the home of Jasenovac Concentration Camp (3rd largest in all of Europe and the most brutal) where 1.6 million Christian Orthodox Serbs, and tens of thousands of Roma and Jews, were put to death in the most brutal ways possible. It was presided over by monster Ante Pavelic, the Vatican and the Ustashe (Muslim & Croat Nazis). The dismemberment of Yugoslavia was a 10-year CIA plan, culminating in the bombing of the Serbian part of Croatia, the Krajina (an independent Serbian state for centuries), four bombings in total that ended with the illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999 under Clinton-Albright. You can bet that Soros had his filthy hands in all of that. Tito had started the eventual secession of Kosovo (the Serb’s Jerusalem) long before when he brought in the Muslim Albanians to change the demographics there. Before WWII Kosovo was majority Serb. After WWII the Serb Christian population was drastically reduced and then after Clinton’s war on the Serbs it is under 10% Serb. You get the picture. After weakening the former Yugoslavian Republics by instigating civil war each of them seceded one by one (against the Yugoslavian Constitution) with the help of the KLA Muslim Albanian terrorists drug money, and with the help of bringing in the Muslims to influence the elections in Bosnia & Herzogovina, Macedonia, Slovenia (where Trump’s wife was born), Montenegro, Croatia & Serbia (plus two provinces Kosovo & Vojvodina). Slovenia was the first to secede over a skirmish that was blamed on the Serbs but orchestrated. After the dismemberment of Yugoslavia they built Bondsteel on Serbia land for NATO expansion into Asia.

    You had better believe it that Soros and the globalist criminals had a huge hand in all of that. And changing the demographics, with open borders (of which Soros in a big advocate) helped in bringing it about. That is precisely why they want open borders in America as well. Great mass influxes of people changes the demographics and helps in creating civil war which weakens the States and makes it easier for them to come in and bring down the boot and implement their global agenda. In America of course it is to implement the North American Union, which Cruz’s wife worked on with Robert Zoellick.

    So, Soros is a player and he’s been at this lethal game of causing all kinds of chaos in the streets to bring down governments for a very long time, which is precisely what he is doing now by these paid-to-protest thugs who have suddenly come out on the streets yet again in many of the big cities across America.

    It is why he must be outed and charged with a crime to stop him.

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    1. I agree, there should be a law that if other greedy rich bastards the likes of George Soros are caught being involved in causing unrest, riots, wars, drugs in any country, that automatically a world wide arrest warrant is issued for his or their arrests and these warrants must be respected. Then when the culprit(s) are eventually arrested in any country in the world that they would automatically lose all assets, properties, bank accounts and fortunes by default and the proceeds going to the people of that country who arresred them and not to that government. That way theses traitors would have nowhere to run and hide.Also poverty would decline in those countries reaping their new found fortunes


    1. no prison people get prison or jail out of your idiot minds. they need to be hung or shot. why should we the taxpayers pay for their time in prison and they get three meals a day, roof over head, tv t watch books to read and a bed. better off then our military vets that come home and live in card board boxes.Stop being idiots. their traitors,shoot them and go down to family evil seeds all of them.


      1. Great point Patricia, even because whenever any of these hotshots do time they go to some kind of five star hotel suite, full of priviledges.
        They don’t get the taste of the dungeons nor the smell of all the gangbangers. They should be hung, or sentenced to forced labour, just imagine one of these nabobs digging ditches with a pike-axe under the heat and the freeze!
        All the other scumbags would think twice before doing their shit. They’d rather die than work!


    1. Donald Trump’s win was a miracle from the one God of this country!
      George Soros is no match for or Lord Jesus!
      George Soros will be taken down one way or another!


  3. Follow the money and take his away. Boycott all his businesses and interests, hound him with protests in his neighborhood. The FBI and Homeland security must tackle this lunatic and remove him from society. Please list his businesses and call for a boycott. Have his shareholders sue him.


  4. What crack pipe have you been sucking on to make you type out such nonsense?

    You won’t arrest Soros; you won’t even get near the man. He’s an untouchable. He is far too important and gives too much money to too many important people for anything bad to happen to him, ever.

    Good luck with your plan though. I’ve no doubt in my mind that your heart is in the right place, but your head is seriously defective.


    1. If I cant get to him, I’ll just take out as many anti-trump protesters as I can. I have 7 guns, more than 40000 rounds of ammunition. I’m pretty certain I’m going to make a dent. I’ll certainly be the topic of conversation at the dinner table for years to come. The time is now. BLM is a cancer, like the muslims and George Soros. All will be stopped. Many will die. Many more will feel pain far beyond what they’re under-developed brains can fathom. White or Black, gay or straight, makes no difference to me. If you’re stupid enough to wander out into the street and amass, you deserve everything you get, and then some.


  5. Please do ensure it becomes a global movement by underscoring his many crimes all over the world until he’s wanted all over.
    When he’s done, it’ll send a clear message to his ilk that the 99 percenters are not only aware, but are fighting to take back our world from these leeches.


  6. Please stop this corrupt son of a bitch. He’s in it for profit and to put people in place that he can pay to do his bidding. President elect Donald Trump won fairly and these idiots need to be stopped.


  7. He needs to go. The sooner the better. Military combat vet here, ready to go back to work.
    Let’s make him part of history and not part of the future or problems. Hopefully these just aren’t words that your posting. I hope you’ve got a plan. Keep us informed.


  8. Soros is a Zionist Jew. As a schoolboy in the former Communist GDR, I always asked myself why the US had always held their hands guardianly over Israel. In the meantime I know very well why. Soros is only a marionette of the Rothschilds which can be kept in the background. The answer is that in the US all the big banks and many companies are in the hands of Zionist Jews. Rothschild, who by the way has been a private FED in the US since 1914, which is what the few Americans who still believe the FED belongs to the state of USA, Rockefeller, Goldman & Sachs, Morgan and the big banks And also Facebook belongs to Zuckerberg, a grandson from Rockefeller. All professing Zionist Jews. Jews, by the way, had made sure that the racial restrictions for blacks in the USA after the Second World War were lost and it was really started with the racial unrest after the Second World War. Ever asked why and with what motivation was this made? The US would have to be called “United Jews Economic Area of ​​North America”. Why do you think Hillary Clinton has been against Russia for a long time? At the end of this year, the 99th anniversary of the Bolshevik Communist Lenin took place in the then Russia after the Communist October Revolution with the Rothschilds on the operation of the Russian Central Bank! Just as it looks, Putin does not extend the contract with the Rothschilds. Would you want to leave your worst deadly enemy in your own house? I think no .!!! There you have your main reason for the tensions of the US administration against Russia !!! The Rothschilds see their way as they say in our skins, and their influence finally go out. Why does a communist revolutionary award a contract to a high person of the hated capitalist class enemy USA? Ever thought about it? Probably not !!!


  9. BESIDE SOROS, find the list for the Biderburgher Commission for the 50’s & 60’s,.. you will find many familiar name listed on their membership list..
    this is the beginning of the ‘ONE WORLD ORDER’ movement..


  10. This man is the true enemy of humanity,pure evil,the day he is brought down will be a day to celebrate,he’s not going to stop till he has started ww3.


  11. I think Soros will flee when the threat of his arrest becomes more likely,its just so sad that an individual instead of using his power and money for the good of mankind,uses it for ego and evil,he obviously has no respect for Karma.I have heard that he used to hand jews over to the nazis for extermination.I would love to see this blight on humanity stand trial.Putin has a bounty on this fiends head,dead or alive.


  12. So, why the delay in arresting Soros, Rumsfeld, Bush, Obama, and the Clintons?! These war criminals have gotten abstract spankings that say they’ll be arrested, however, that is not the same as getting arrested, except in the nano-chipped, chemtrail’ed, MSM’ed, reality-inverted mind.



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