Glenn Beck Losing Sponsors And Voice Over Gigs All Across America

This  was an easy one. Bob Grace is one of Florida’s top financial advisers. His ads and infomercials are heard on talk stations all over southwest Florida. Grace hired Glenn Beck to read his latest ad which talks about ‘establishment advisers versus big box store advisers’…’it’s clear that the establishment has had a string of bad hair days’.

The irony here of course is that Donald Trump was THE anti-establishment candidate for the ages. And Glenn Beck opposed him with every fiber of his being.

At one point last spring I had had enough. This was after Beck said that if he were onstage with Donald Trump during the presidential primary debates that ‘the stabbing wouldn’t stop’. Beck also had a conversation with anti-Trump goon Brad Thor. Thor ghost writes second rate fiction books for Beck. During this banter, Thor told Beck that ‘a patriot’ would have to step up to the plate and take Trump out if he was to somehow get elected.

Needless to say the Secret Service paid a visit to Beck’s Disney style compound in Dallas. And Sirius XM took Beck off of their satellites while they sorted through the latest hyperbole gone wild.

This prompted me to contact Bob Grace directly. Grace Advisory Group quickly replied to me and were horrified with Beck’s comments. They apologized to me and told me that they would begin the process of replacing Beck with a new voice.

That voice made an appearance last week. Beck is no longer shilling for a product he likely knows nothing about. His celebrity status is crashing and burning. And program directors all over the country have a serious choice to make when Beck’s contract is up in 2017.

Glenn Beck has become a toxic mess. He is no longer a stable force in talk radio. His out of proportion opposition to Donald Trump spells financial disaster for his media empire.

I urge my fellow patriots to call their local talk station and urge the powers that be to remove Beck from the airwaves. Who knows, it might just work.


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