Please Join The American Independent As We Ask Glenn Beck To Resign From Public Life


There was a day in early 2012. I was speeding down interstate 290 in Worcester Massachusetts listening to the Glenn Beck Radio Program on the local affiliate, WTAG. Every morning on my way to work, Beck was my morphine addiction. He was planning an interview with Newt Gingrich who was beginning to pick up steam in the primaries. Even though Mitt Romney was a forgone conclusion.

I had high hopes for Newt. Gingrich was taking on the media and the GOP establishment like nobody I had seen since Ronald Reagan. And since Newt was actually there for the Reagan revolution, it made perfect sense to me that he was lobbing grenades at the status quo.

For his part, Glenn Beck promised a fair interview. What transpired was nothing short of a smarmy ambush. Beck and Pat Gray dismantled Gingrich while at the same time destroying the talk radio medium. It was all gotcha questions, interruptions, sarcasm and a we know more than you attitude.

Gingrich later said he was dumbfounded and that he thought he was in friendly territory with Beck. And many in Beck’s audience were stunned by the interview. Yes, they had been told for months that Gingrich was Franklin Roosevelt, but nobody was really prepared for the way Newt was treated.

Since that moment, Glenn Beck’s radio career has begun a death spiral. The predictions and prognostications have become comical. Rick Santorum is George Washington. No, Michelle Bachman is. No wait, now that Romney is the nominee, maybe he is. And then Beck and David Barton predicted that Romney would win big. Even as the returns came in, there was shock and denial. Nobody looked more foolish that evening than the crew from the Blaze with the possible exception of Dick Morris who had predicted a Mitt landslide.

Since then Beck has talked down his political acumen while focusing on “making the world a better place”. This included taking toys and food to the southern border with Ted Cruz in tow. Beck figured he needed to make amends for all of his immigrant bashing. But that didn’t go over so well with his audience who were still hung up on the word “illegal”.

In 2016 Beck had a bromance with Ted Cruz who eventually got run over by the Trump train. In the process, Glenn Beck called out the Tea Party as racists if they supported Donald Trump. Beck became obsessed with destroying Donald Trump at any cost.

First, he claimed that Melania Trump was a lesbian porn star. He was going off of a tabloid allegation that was demonstrably false. In the meantime, Ted Cruz showed up in the DC Madam’s phone book. Cruz never refuted the charges, he called the reporting garbage but never once said their allegations weren’t true. For the record, Ted Cruz was the most like George Washington for Beck in 2016.

Beck then came at Trump with a daily barrage of negativity and disinformation that would make Adolph Hitler blush. He paraded sanctimonious nobodies like Steve Deace and Brad Thor as his key witnesses. I was waiting to hear an on-air orgasm when Beck and Thor theorized about a possible Donald Trump assassination attempt. It was enough of a gaff to cause Sirius satellite radio to give Beck and his dung heap a one week suspension.

Beck was then upstaged at a rally he was attending on behalf of Cruz. Speaking to a half empty room, Beck was interrupted when Donald Trump came in through the side door to court the same voters. A sea of humanity was seen fleeing from Beck as he foolishly tried to continue selling Cruz. There is a movie to be made if anyone wants to do it.

And then there were the Cheetos. Beck was once a fairly respectable on-air clown. But after he, Pat and Stu all rolled their heads in bowls of Cheetos, the respectable part went out the window. In case you missed it, Donald Trump has some kind of orange spray on complexion according to the staff from The Blaze, because they know skin pigment. Beck thought it would be clever to imitate Trump by being covered by orange residue. What this really did was give those who write negative stories about Beck some great photos to use. Stu Burguire though it would be a great idea to film the episode. One thing for certain – the Blaze idiots deserve one another.

Needless to say the election of Donald Trump has not been good for Glenn Beck. And rather than trying to reconcile with the Donald, Beck has decided to morph into a liberal who says conservative things to his dwindling audience, while at the same time courting the most liberal people in media. The list includes Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly, Charlie Rose, NPR and most recently, a John Stewart wannabe by the name of Samantha Bee.

Beck’s remaining fan base has pretty much had enough. Samantha Bee is not even a known quantity to them. Conservatives and independents weren’t glued to the Daily Show wondering what missive was about to be launched against them. We have families and church and beer. Glenn Beck somehow thinks that we should be impressed that he managed to don the ugliest and most elf-like sweater he could find to declare his allegiance against “Trumpism”.


The American Independent has reached a conclusion. One that we now want to turn into a grass roots movement. It’s time to ask Glenn Beck to turn off the camera and the microphone and retreat from public life. This can be accomplished by doing several things.

First, go after the people that Glenn Beck gets rich off of. Namely his local and national sponsors. Without them, Beck will be dead in the water. Tweet stations that carry Beck and express to them how Glenn Beck is now a liberal pretending to be a conservative when its convenient to him.  Also, use all forms of social media to condemn and make fun of Beck whenever he says something stupid, which is an almost daily occurrence now.

Finally, share this article with your never Trump adversaries and people who have consumed so much of Beck’s Kool-Aid that they now are another life form altogether. There is nothing cool or hip about Beck anymore. Dressing up like a troll to give a speech or saying “ahhhhhhh” on the radio to pause so he can come up with a thought is no longer reasonable for someone who’s been in radio since age 12. Petition your local stations to pick up shows like Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham and Rod Eccles. We need some fresh blood in the talk radio medium. Beck has always been condescending to his audience even when he was in their good graces. We make these people famous and not the other way around.

In closing the author has never written a longer article. There is so much more I’ve left out about Beck. And I feel personally insulted now every time Beck cozies up to another leftist who despises me, my family and my country. This is a formal declaration of war against Glenn Beck and everything he has accomplished. He has 5 bodyguards and a number of frivolous luxury cars that he drives around his Disney style compound in Dallas. He has turned into the Michael Jackson of talk radio. He is not a man of the people. He is a man who’s used the people to then spit on the people. I want Beck off the air. I want his media empire to fail and I want him to make good on his promise to retreat to the Rockies where he can live his life in peace far far away from the peasants who made him rich.

It’s time for Glenn Beck to completely disappear from public life and never be heard from again.

Trump Wins Electoral College As Hillary Loses Four Electors – Fakestream Media Silent!


You had to look hard for articles about Donald Trump winning the electoral college. I did a search and kept coming up with stories about “faithless electors” and I waded through several interviews with Hollywood no-nothings who were urging these people to vote for John Kasich!

It’s as if never Trump will never die. But that faction is losing power as they lose their minds. Trump easily crossed the finish line. Texas was the state that put the president-elect over the top even with all the controversy over one elector voting for Kasich in the lone star state. This man’s 15 minutes of fame is not only up, it will be mocked for decades.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton had four faithless electors. And it happened in Washington State.

Hillary Loses Four Electors – Seattle Times

Hillary Clinton won the state’s popular vote, but three of 12 members of the Electoral College voted for Colin Powell, a former secretary of state; and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder from South Dakota.

The media is under reporting the fact that Trump won, and did so handily. Whereas Clinton was losing more votes. It’s been this way through the entire process. Clinton loses the election and the liberal snowflakes meltdown. Next, riots break out across the country, and then comes the flaccid recount. And now the electoral college protest.

What’s next? Civil unrest. These people are not going away. They’ve been bred in an Ivory tower Petri dish and they’re being validated hour by hour on CNN and by the rest of the fakestream media.

There may be a new plan that George Soros will get behind prior to inauguration day. In the meantime, savor the 3rd time Hillary Clinton has lost. It would have been much easier for her to concede and go home. But liberals are sore losers and anarchy is better to them than Donald Trump.

Mark Levin Calls Exxon-Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson A “Russian Patsy” – Wants Establishment Hack For Secretary of State Instead!


Conservative media is getting weird. It seems that everything we once believed is now false. A guy who supposedly is for the free market – even at the expense of losing jobs to Mexico and China – is now railing against Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Mark Levin is showing himself to be nothing more than a mainstream media patsy.

It appears a coordinated effort is going on to impugn Russia at every turn. You see Rex Tillerson has made deals with Russia. Sanctions have kept Exxon-Mobile from tapping into the Russian economy. Tillerson is friendly with Putin and that has raised questions with business illiterates like Mark Levin.

Instead of Tillerson, Levin and the Never Trump faction of the dying conservative media want an establishment hack for Secretary of State. Last night on his pathetic scream fest of a radio show, Levin called Tillerson a “Russian Patsy“.

So what have we all learned? That Americans from many backgrounds hate the Russian people. Mark Levin and Hillary Clinton likely have the same view of Vladimir Putin and Rex Tillerson.

The funny thing is I trust Forbes Magazine, who listed Tillerson in the top 25 most important businessmen in the world. You don’t get to run one of the world’s most iconic companies by being a ‘patsy’. 

More proof that Levin is a Putz and is not on the side of business or prosperity. He’s just like all the other globalists who are still living in the 1980’s.

“Russian Hacking” Story is Entirely False – Fabricated by Obama Political Appointees.

Vladimir Putin

The end of this American nightmare can’t come soon enough. You can almost hear the phrase ‘The Russians are coming’ repeated over and over like a cry from Paul Revere. Remember back when The Soviet Union was hardcore communist? And Mikhail Gorbachev came to meet with Ronald Reagan? The American media was gushing. Rush Limbaugh invented the term ‘Gorbasm’ to describe what was happening.

But now the Russians are a free, predominantly Christian nation. They have sophisticated military hardware. And they have a leader who is an unflinching patriot and nationalist. The only country the American media hates more than their own is Russia. And Vladimir Putin is now behind everything that goes against their precious liberal orthodoxy. Or at least they imagine he is.

It’s crystal clear that Hillary Clinton lost this election in a mini landslide to Donald Trump. Trump played the electoral college like a pro. Not bad for a political novice. In fact, it’s being under reported. What Trump did was not only Biblical in scope, it forever changed how elections can be won or lost.

So for Democrats and liberals, the next step would be to recount the votes. Well that isn’t working out so well. George Soros was pumping 160K per day into the Jill Stein slush fund. But thanks to federalism and the rule of law, the recounts are grinding to a halt.

The only thing left for these hack partisans is a fake scandal. And who better to blame than Russia? Even neocons like John McCain and Marco Rubio are in on the action. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! And because Trump doesn’t believe a word of it, he’s being scolded for not understanding the intelligence community.

Meanwhile the stock market is breaking records, construction projects are now moving forward, and jobs are being saved all over the country thanks to what Larry Kudlow calls a “pro-business president”.

Obama’s last treasonous act will be the creation of the fake news he is now railing against. It’s the typical Saul Alinski playbook. And the buzzards in the media are eating it up like candy. They are still butt-hurt from the election pounding that they are still taking.

But in the end, the will of Donald Trump and an increasingly optimistic country will destroy both the narrative and the last vestiges of liberalism that are desperately trying to hang on to relevancy. The pain will ease on January 21st when Obama is finally released from his position of keeping the slaves in bondage.

The Nightly Slam: Mark Levin Can’t Help Himself – Goes Off On Trump -Insinuating A Dictatorship Is Here


“There is no trade deficit”. Those aren’t the words of Barack Obama, but a nightly tag line delivered with crescendo volume by “The Great One“, Mark Levin. Levin is a hack lawyer who likes to talk about books he’s written on the Constitution. And like a good Bible scholar who spends more time reading the Good Book instead of opinion based commentaries, one ought to spend time with the actual Constitution then with the sick twisted ramblings of a man who hates about 99% of all republicans.

Levin thinks Ronald Reagan was the greatest free market president the world has ever known. He worked for Reagan and worships at his alter. But revisionist history is a subject that Levin likes to teach to his audience every night. Marky-Mark never tells his sad bunch of sycophants that Reagan bailed out a car company – Chrysler. So Reagan didn’t “allow the free market to reset”. Obama bailed out GM. See any similarities?

Reagan did grease the free market engine with tax cuts and curbed regulations. But democrats were spending money like drunken sailors. The more revenue that came into the treasury, the more programs the democrats wanted to fund. Reagan diffused them with good cheer. But he did allow many of their pet projects to go forward. One of them was a full blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. That wave of illegals getting their way, started an unrelenting march north from the third world. And who was in charge? Ronald Reagan.

Every night since Donald Trump became president-elect, Mark Levin lectures the world on trade, free markets and points out any Trump cabinet appointment who’s spent time with establishment politicians. No mention of how his god Ted Cruz was fully embracing the Bush clan when he was in second place during the primaries.

Levin likely doesn’t really know anything about half of the  appointments since they come from a hardcore business background and have had to meet payrolls and work problems and forecast trends. Levin is an academic has-been, who’s only been a critic. He’s never given anything back to society. He hasn’t created jobs, he’s only served the puppet masters who own his media distribution.

Quite simply put, Mark Levin has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s also pissed that regular folks embrace and understand Trump’s ideas while at the same time could give a rat’s ass about John Locke, Alexander Hamilton or even Ronald Reagan. Most Americans loved Reagan, his patriotism, his classy demeanor – but that was 30 years ago. The current political climate begs for a warrior who stares down his opponents while at the same time embracing the coal miner, the union worker and the police officer.

Levin seems to take the same approach to blue collar workers as Kevin Williamson from National Review. Working class communities deserve to die. Imagine campaigning on that slogan. It’s as if these elites on both sides of the political spectrum are repulsed by people who get their hands dirty. Donald Trump owes his victory to these folks who really are the salt of the earth. Williamson and Levin can go to hell.

Kevin Williamson Says “Let Them Die Off”

Finally, Mark Levin has insinuated that Trump is a dictator because he talks directly to world leaders and companies. Trump has done this stuff his whole life. If you read “The Art of The Deal” you’ll get a sideways glimpse into this unpredictable, yet always engaged master of the negotiation. We’ve never had a president who’s been this willing and able to get underneath the hood of the car and actually perform the repairs himself. The bully pulpit has been quiet for the last 30 years when it comes to matters such as these. Trump has got a phone and a pen, and he’s not looking to work any unconstitutional magic with them. Instead he’s poised to make America great again by investing in this country and encouraging businesses to do the same.

Mark Levin has fallen into a trap of his own making. He has to oppose Trump on trade and negotiation to sound consistent. But it’s consistently stupid to suggest that using this platform to save or create American jobs is akin to a dictatorship. Plus Levin is parroting the liberal media. Amazing. So much for so-called Constitutional conservatism. Levin is a Benedict Arnold.

In the end it’s about ideas and ego. Donald Trump has better ideas and these clowns have bigger egos. Levin wants to be the final authority on what’s good for America. But the truth is, he’s not. Americans are the final authority. And we the people have chosen Donald Trump over a failed, tired and somewhat antiquated ideology.


Glenn Beck Claims Solyndra Deal and Carrier Deal Are The Same – Believes Trump Is Obama


At some point a sponsor or someone who works for Bain Capital needs to have an intervention with the crew over at Glenn Beck dying media incorporated. Bain owns IHeart Media who distributes Beck and his sorry gaggle of cohorts. Their new daily hobby is to pick apart everything president elect Trump says and does.

Before Donald stunned the world on election night, Beck made it a personal vendetta to trash Trump and his family. At one point he suggested “a patriot” would need to step up and take Trump out. Someone who apparently is a good marksman.

On the November 2nd addition of the Glenn Beck Radio Abortion, Glenn, Stu and Pat opined about the Carrier deal. Most commentators, even some on the left, were reporting the story in a positive light. But not Beck. They somehow managed to compare the Carrier deal to Solyndra – a company Obama dumped millions into that eventually went belly up. If you are not seeing the similarities yet, well join the club.

Carrier is an established company that makes a product that people need and want. More people are moving to southern states, including Florida and Texas. There is going to be huge demand for Carrier products. Donald Trump wants to put a tariff on goods made in Mexico by slave laborers if they are then dumped into the United States. Carrier was planning on closing their plant and moving it to Mexico. Trump negotiated a way for them to stay. He is also lowering corporate taxes for every business in the U.S.

Glenn Beck and his team of propagandists left out some details. They were implying that this is cronyism. Well if making the business climate more healthy is cronyism, then I guess most of us are cronies. If working with an established company that will create more jobs in the coming years is favoritism, then I guess I like favoritism. This idea that Trump is picking winners and losers couldn’t be further from reality.

Beck has turned into the ‘conservative’ version of Media Matters. I’m not sure who is audience is since most conservatives have stopped tuning in. If he is going after a new audience, there is not a market for a liberal convert spewing a mixed bag of comments about topics that the host hasn’t thought through. But this is the new and less improved Glenn Beck Show. Sponsors must be scrambling to get out of their contracts with Beck. The show is nothing more than a daily hit on Trump.

Solyndra was just a slush fund for Obama’s friends. He dumped millions into it knowing that it was going nowhere. He didn’t try to negotiate with an existing company. He never even thought of trying to keep jobs in this country. And he recently did a town hall suggesting that what Trump has already accomplished is impossible to do. Apparently Beck is now a loyal part of the Obama media because he is using George Soros talking points and adding the charge of cronyism to it.

Glenn Beck’s own business model suggests that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If your own empire is crumbling it might be time to stop dispensing advise about topics where you have no credibility.

Donald Trump is winning. America is winning. And Glenn Beck hates that.


Soros Plans Major Disruption of Trump Inauguration


Well as headlines go, this one may seem a bit on the ho-hum side of things. George Soros has been behind almost every anti-Trump venture. The list is growing.

Riots at the Trump rally in Chicago.

Media Matters daily propaganda.

Black Lives Matter protests leading up to and then right after the election results.

The Jill Stein recount.

The Never Trump ‘conservative’ media including Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro. All of their puppet masters are being financed partly with Soros money.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – all of which have begun to scrub pro-Trump accounts.

And if that weren’t enough, Soros and his wrecking crew are working the inaugural. They have begun fishing for useful idiots via Craigslist and other social media precincts in and around Washington D.C. The level of organization is overwhelming and breathtaking.

Soros has a billion dollar pot to pull from and he is paying between $15 and $25 an hour plus food and accommodations to make America suck again.

The kind of intel that is beginning to emerge is quite frightening. Trump’s victory has caused a whole new level of unhinged. Soros is hiring mercenaries with violent tendencies. And there is reason to believe that something catastrophic and game changing is going to take place before, during or slightly after January 20th.

We already know that “women” are planning a large scale march after the inauguration. But this will look like garden variety feminism gone amok compared to the BLM anarchy that is coming.

And lest we forget ISIS. Ohio State only got a small taste of what has already arrived. Nobody has been vetted. And until Donald Trump puts his hand on the Bible, only rogue FBI and Secret Service will care about the threat level. George Soros has funded Islamic radicals before, and he’s going to do it again.

This election represents a threat to the new world order. Donald Trump has decided to dedicate his presidency to Americans. George Soros won’t allow that to happen. Soros is funding ISIS. And the terrorists are looking to show the new president that they mean business.

America as we know it will be over if something happens to Trump. This is the reason Soros is still breathing. He won’t breathe his last until every nation is under his control.

Pray for Donald Trump’s safety.