Glenn Beck Claims Solyndra Deal and Carrier Deal Are The Same – Believes Trump Is Obama


At some point a sponsor or someone who works for Bain Capital needs to have an intervention with the crew over at Glenn Beck dying media incorporated. Bain owns IHeart Media who distributes Beck and his sorry gaggle of cohorts. Their new daily hobby is to pick apart everything president elect Trump says and does.

Before Donald stunned the world on election night, Beck made it a personal vendetta to trash Trump and his family. At one point he suggested “a patriot” would need to step up and take Trump out. Someone who apparently is a good marksman.

On the November 2nd addition of the Glenn Beck Radio Abortion, Glenn, Stu and Pat opined about the Carrier deal. Most commentators, even some on the left, were reporting the story in a positive light. But not Beck. They somehow managed to compare the Carrier deal to Solyndra – a company Obama dumped millions into that eventually went belly up. If you are not seeing the similarities yet, well join the club.

Carrier is an established company that makes a product that people need and want. More people are moving to southern states, including Florida and Texas. There is going to be huge demand for Carrier products. Donald Trump wants to put a tariff on goods made in Mexico by slave laborers if they are then dumped into the United States. Carrier was planning on closing their plant and moving it to Mexico. Trump negotiated a way for them to stay. He is also lowering corporate taxes for every business in the U.S.

Glenn Beck and his team of propagandists left out some details. They were implying that this is cronyism. Well if making the business climate more healthy is cronyism, then I guess most of us are cronies. If working with an established company that will create more jobs in the coming years is favoritism, then I guess I like favoritism. This idea that Trump is picking winners and losers couldn’t be further from reality.

Beck has turned into the ‘conservative’ version of Media Matters. I’m not sure who is audience is since most conservatives have stopped tuning in. If he is going after a new audience, there is not a market for a liberal convert spewing a mixed bag of comments about topics that the host hasn’t thought through. But this is the new and less improved Glenn Beck Show. Sponsors must be scrambling to get out of their contracts with Beck. The show is nothing more than a daily hit on Trump.

Solyndra was just a slush fund for Obama’s friends. He dumped millions into it knowing that it was going nowhere. He didn’t try to negotiate with an existing company. He never even thought of trying to keep jobs in this country. And he recently did a town hall suggesting that what Trump has already accomplished is impossible to do. Apparently Beck is now a loyal part of the Obama media because he is using George Soros talking points and adding the charge of cronyism to it.

Glenn Beck’s own business model suggests that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If your own empire is crumbling it might be time to stop dispensing advise about topics where you have no credibility.

Donald Trump is winning. America is winning. And Glenn Beck hates that.



One thought on “Glenn Beck Claims Solyndra Deal and Carrier Deal Are The Same – Believes Trump Is Obama

  1. Yea, I guess the really politically savvy thing to do would have just let the jobs go. Trump must be out of his mind to save American workers’ jobs just before Christmas. Doesn’t he have any idea what “bad optics” means?!


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