The Nightly Slam: Mark Levin Can’t Help Himself – Goes Off On Trump -Insinuating A Dictatorship Is Here


“There is no trade deficit”. Those aren’t the words of Barack Obama, but a nightly tag line delivered with crescendo volume by “The Great One“, Mark Levin. Levin is a hack lawyer who likes to talk about books he’s written on the Constitution. And like a good Bible scholar who spends more time reading the Good Book instead of opinion based commentaries, one ought to spend time with the actual Constitution then with the sick twisted ramblings of a man who hates about 99% of all republicans.

Levin thinks Ronald Reagan was the greatest free market president the world has ever known. He worked for Reagan and worships at his alter. But revisionist history is a subject that Levin likes to teach to his audience every night. Marky-Mark never tells his sad bunch of sycophants that Reagan bailed out a car company – Chrysler. So Reagan didn’t “allow the free market to reset”. Obama bailed out GM. See any similarities?

Reagan did grease the free market engine with tax cuts and curbed regulations. But democrats were spending money like drunken sailors. The more revenue that came into the treasury, the more programs the democrats wanted to fund. Reagan diffused them with good cheer. But he did allow many of their pet projects to go forward. One of them was a full blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. That wave of illegals getting their way, started an unrelenting march north from the third world. And who was in charge? Ronald Reagan.

Every night since Donald Trump became president-elect, Mark Levin lectures the world on trade, free markets and points out any Trump cabinet appointment who’s spent time with establishment politicians. No mention of how his god Ted Cruz was fully embracing the Bush clan when he was in second place during the primaries.

Levin likely doesn’t really know anything about half of the  appointments since they come from a hardcore business background and have had to meet payrolls and work problems and forecast trends. Levin is an academic has-been, who’s only been a critic. He’s never given anything back to society. He hasn’t created jobs, he’s only served the puppet masters who own his media distribution.

Quite simply put, Mark Levin has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s also pissed that regular folks embrace and understand Trump’s ideas while at the same time could give a rat’s ass about John Locke, Alexander Hamilton or even Ronald Reagan. Most Americans loved Reagan, his patriotism, his classy demeanor – but that was 30 years ago. The current political climate begs for a warrior who stares down his opponents while at the same time embracing the coal miner, the union worker and the police officer.

Levin seems to take the same approach to blue collar workers as Kevin Williamson from National Review. Working class communities deserve to die. Imagine campaigning on that slogan. It’s as if these elites on both sides of the political spectrum are repulsed by people who get their hands dirty. Donald Trump owes his victory to these folks who really are the salt of the earth. Williamson and Levin can go to hell.

Kevin Williamson Says “Let Them Die Off”

Finally, Mark Levin has insinuated that Trump is a dictator because he talks directly to world leaders and companies. Trump has done this stuff his whole life. If you read “The Art of The Deal” you’ll get a sideways glimpse into this unpredictable, yet always engaged master of the negotiation. We’ve never had a president who’s been this willing and able to get underneath the hood of the car and actually perform the repairs himself. The bully pulpit has been quiet for the last 30 years when it comes to matters such as these. Trump has got a phone and a pen, and he’s not looking to work any unconstitutional magic with them. Instead he’s poised to make America great again by investing in this country and encouraging businesses to do the same.

Mark Levin has fallen into a trap of his own making. He has to oppose Trump on trade and negotiation to sound consistent. But it’s consistently stupid to suggest that using this platform to save or create American jobs is akin to a dictatorship. Plus Levin is parroting the liberal media. Amazing. So much for so-called Constitutional conservatism. Levin is a Benedict Arnold.

In the end it’s about ideas and ego. Donald Trump has better ideas and these clowns have bigger egos. Levin wants to be the final authority on what’s good for America. But the truth is, he’s not. Americans are the final authority. And we the people have chosen Donald Trump over a failed, tired and somewhat antiquated ideology.



2 thoughts on “The Nightly Slam: Mark Levin Can’t Help Himself – Goes Off On Trump -Insinuating A Dictatorship Is Here

  1. Great article. NAFTA began under Reagan. Ronald Reagan wasn’t Ronald Reagan. He had good ideas but couldn’t do them. The myth is wonderful but doesn’t match all the facts.
    Donald Trump is closer to the Founding Fathers that the establishment Conservatives today. They serve a global system that destroys Americans. The Founders would die before they let H-1Bs & L-1s replace American workers, or ship American jobs to India and beyond.

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