“Russian Hacking” Story is Entirely False – Fabricated by Obama Political Appointees.

Vladimir Putin

The end of this American nightmare can’t come soon enough. You can almost hear the phrase ‘The Russians are coming’ repeated over and over like a cry from Paul Revere. Remember back when The Soviet Union was hardcore communist? And Mikhail Gorbachev came to meet with Ronald Reagan? The American media was gushing. Rush Limbaugh invented the term ‘Gorbasm’ to describe what was happening.

But now the Russians are a free, predominantly Christian nation. They have sophisticated military hardware. And they have a leader who is an unflinching patriot and nationalist. The only country the American media hates more than their own is Russia. And Vladimir Putin is now behind everything that goes against their precious liberal orthodoxy. Or at least they imagine he is.

It’s crystal clear that Hillary Clinton lost this election in a mini landslide to Donald Trump. Trump played the electoral college like a pro. Not bad for a political novice. In fact, it’s being under reported. What Trump did was not only Biblical in scope, it forever changed how elections can be won or lost.

So for Democrats and liberals, the next step would be to recount the votes. Well that isn’t working out so well. George Soros was pumping 160K per day into the Jill Stein slush fund. But thanks to federalism and the rule of law, the recounts are grinding to a halt.

The only thing left for these hack partisans is a fake scandal. And who better to blame than Russia? Even neocons like John McCain and Marco Rubio are in on the action. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! And because Trump doesn’t believe a word of it, he’s being scolded for not understanding the intelligence community.

Meanwhile the stock market is breaking records, construction projects are now moving forward, and jobs are being saved all over the country thanks to what Larry Kudlow calls a “pro-business president”.

Obama’s last treasonous act will be the creation of the fake news he is now railing against. It’s the typical Saul Alinski playbook. And the buzzards in the media are eating it up like candy. They are still butt-hurt from the election pounding that they are still taking.

But in the end, the will of Donald Trump and an increasingly optimistic country will destroy both the narrative and the last vestiges of liberalism that are desperately trying to hang on to relevancy. The pain will ease on January 21st when Obama is finally released from his position of keeping the slaves in bondage.


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