Mark Levin Calls Exxon-Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson A “Russian Patsy” – Wants Establishment Hack For Secretary of State Instead!


Conservative media is getting weird. It seems that everything we once believed is now false. A guy who supposedly is for the free market – even at the expense of losing jobs to Mexico and China – is now railing against Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Mark Levin is showing himself to be nothing more than a mainstream media patsy.

It appears a coordinated effort is going on to impugn Russia at every turn. You see Rex Tillerson has made deals with Russia. Sanctions have kept Exxon-Mobile from tapping into the Russian economy. Tillerson is friendly with Putin and that has raised questions with business illiterates like Mark Levin.

Instead of Tillerson, Levin and the Never Trump faction of the dying conservative media want an establishment hack for Secretary of State. Last night on his pathetic scream fest of a radio show, Levin called Tillerson a “Russian Patsy“.

So what have we all learned? That Americans from many backgrounds hate the Russian people. Mark Levin and Hillary Clinton likely have the same view of Vladimir Putin and Rex Tillerson.

The funny thing is I trust Forbes Magazine, who listed Tillerson in the top 25 most important businessmen in the world. You don’t get to run one of the world’s most iconic companies by being a ‘patsy’. 

More proof that Levin is a Putz and is not on the side of business or prosperity. He’s just like all the other globalists who are still living in the 1980’s.


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