Trump Wins Electoral College As Hillary Loses Four Electors – Fakestream Media Silent!


You had to look hard for articles about Donald Trump winning the electoral college. I did a search and kept coming up with stories about “faithless electors” and I waded through several interviews with Hollywood no-nothings who were urging these people to vote for John Kasich!

It’s as if never Trump will never die. But that faction is losing power as they lose their minds. Trump easily crossed the finish line. Texas was the state that put the president-elect over the top even with all the controversy over one elector voting for Kasich in the lone star state. This man’s 15 minutes of fame is not only up, it will be mocked for decades.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton had four faithless electors. And it happened in Washington State.

Hillary Loses Four Electors – Seattle Times

Hillary Clinton won the state’s popular vote, but three of 12 members of the Electoral College voted for Colin Powell, a former secretary of state; and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder from South Dakota.

The media is under reporting the fact that Trump won, and did so handily. Whereas Clinton was losing more votes. It’s been this way through the entire process. Clinton loses the election and the liberal snowflakes meltdown. Next, riots break out across the country, and then comes the flaccid recount. And now the electoral college protest.

What’s next? Civil unrest. These people are not going away. They’ve been bred in an Ivory tower Petri dish and they’re being validated hour by hour on CNN and by the rest of the fakestream media.

There may be a new plan that George Soros will get behind prior to inauguration day. In the meantime, savor the 3rd time Hillary Clinton has lost. It would have been much easier for her to concede and go home. But liberals are sore losers and anarchy is better to them than Donald Trump.


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