Please Join The American Independent As We Ask Glenn Beck To Resign From Public Life


There was a day in early 2012. I was speeding down interstate 290 in Worcester Massachusetts listening to the Glenn Beck Radio Program on the local affiliate, WTAG. Every morning on my way to work, Beck was my morphine addiction. He was planning an interview with Newt Gingrich who was beginning to pick up steam in the primaries. Even though Mitt Romney was a forgone conclusion.

I had high hopes for Newt. Gingrich was taking on the media and the GOP establishment like nobody I had seen since Ronald Reagan. And since Newt was actually there for the Reagan revolution, it made perfect sense to me that he was lobbing grenades at the status quo.

For his part, Glenn Beck promised a fair interview. What transpired was nothing short of a smarmy ambush. Beck and Pat Gray dismantled Gingrich while at the same time destroying the talk radio medium. It was all gotcha questions, interruptions, sarcasm and a we know more than you attitude.

Gingrich later said he was dumbfounded and that he thought he was in friendly territory with Beck. And many in Beck’s audience were stunned by the interview. Yes, they had been told for months that Gingrich was Franklin Roosevelt, but nobody was really prepared for the way Newt was treated.

Since that moment, Glenn Beck’s radio career has begun a death spiral. The predictions and prognostications have become comical. Rick Santorum is George Washington. No, Michelle Bachman is. No wait, now that Romney is the nominee, maybe he is. And then Beck and David Barton predicted that Romney would win big. Even as the returns came in, there was shock and denial. Nobody looked more foolish that evening than the crew from the Blaze with the possible exception of Dick Morris who had predicted a Mitt landslide.

Since then Beck has talked down his political acumen while focusing on “making the world a better place”. This included taking toys and food to the southern border with Ted Cruz in tow. Beck figured he needed to make amends for all of his immigrant bashing. But that didn’t go over so well with his audience who were still hung up on the word “illegal”.

In 2016 Beck had a bromance with Ted Cruz who eventually got run over by the Trump train. In the process, Glenn Beck called out the Tea Party as racists if they supported Donald Trump. Beck became obsessed with destroying Donald Trump at any cost.

First, he claimed that Melania Trump was a lesbian porn star. He was going off of a tabloid allegation that was demonstrably false. In the meantime, Ted Cruz showed up in the DC Madam’s phone book. Cruz never refuted the charges, he called the reporting garbage but never once said their allegations weren’t true. For the record, Ted Cruz was the most like George Washington for Beck in 2016.

Beck then came at Trump with a daily barrage of negativity and disinformation that would make Adolph Hitler blush. He paraded sanctimonious nobodies like Steve Deace and Brad Thor as his key witnesses. I was waiting to hear an on-air orgasm when Beck and Thor theorized about a possible Donald Trump assassination attempt. It was enough of a gaff to cause Sirius satellite radio to give Beck and his dung heap a one week suspension.

Beck was then upstaged at a rally he was attending on behalf of Cruz. Speaking to a half empty room, Beck was interrupted when Donald Trump came in through the side door to court the same voters. A sea of humanity was seen fleeing from Beck as he foolishly tried to continue selling Cruz. There is a movie to be made if anyone wants to do it.

And then there were the Cheetos. Beck was once a fairly respectable on-air clown. But after he, Pat and Stu all rolled their heads in bowls of Cheetos, the respectable part went out the window. In case you missed it, Donald Trump has some kind of orange spray on complexion according to the staff from The Blaze, because they know skin pigment. Beck thought it would be clever to imitate Trump by being covered by orange residue. What this really did was give those who write negative stories about Beck some great photos to use. Stu Burguire though it would be a great idea to film the episode. One thing for certain – the Blaze idiots deserve one another.

Needless to say the election of Donald Trump has not been good for Glenn Beck. And rather than trying to reconcile with the Donald, Beck has decided to morph into a liberal who says conservative things to his dwindling audience, while at the same time courting the most liberal people in media. The list includes Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly, Charlie Rose, NPR and most recently, a John Stewart wannabe by the name of Samantha Bee.

Beck’s remaining fan base has pretty much had enough. Samantha Bee is not even a known quantity to them. Conservatives and independents weren’t glued to the Daily Show wondering what missive was about to be launched against them. We have families and church and beer. Glenn Beck somehow thinks that we should be impressed that he managed to don the ugliest and most elf-like sweater he could find to declare his allegiance against “Trumpism”.


The American Independent has reached a conclusion. One that we now want to turn into a grass roots movement. It’s time to ask Glenn Beck to turn off the camera and the microphone and retreat from public life. This can be accomplished by doing several things.

First, go after the people that Glenn Beck gets rich off of. Namely his local and national sponsors. Without them, Beck will be dead in the water. Tweet stations that carry Beck and express to them how Glenn Beck is now a liberal pretending to be a conservative when its convenient to him.  Also, use all forms of social media to condemn and make fun of Beck whenever he says something stupid, which is an almost daily occurrence now.

Finally, share this article with your never Trump adversaries and people who have consumed so much of Beck’s Kool-Aid that they now are another life form altogether. There is nothing cool or hip about Beck anymore. Dressing up like a troll to give a speech or saying “ahhhhhhh” on the radio to pause so he can come up with a thought is no longer reasonable for someone who’s been in radio since age 12. Petition your local stations to pick up shows like Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham and Rod Eccles. We need some fresh blood in the talk radio medium. Beck has always been condescending to his audience even when he was in their good graces. We make these people famous and not the other way around.

In closing the author has never written a longer article. There is so much more I’ve left out about Beck. And I feel personally insulted now every time Beck cozies up to another leftist who despises me, my family and my country. This is a formal declaration of war against Glenn Beck and everything he has accomplished. He has 5 bodyguards and a number of frivolous luxury cars that he drives around his Disney style compound in Dallas. He has turned into the Michael Jackson of talk radio. He is not a man of the people. He is a man who’s used the people to then spit on the people. I want Beck off the air. I want his media empire to fail and I want him to make good on his promise to retreat to the Rockies where he can live his life in peace far far away from the peasants who made him rich.

It’s time for Glenn Beck to completely disappear from public life and never be heard from again.


2 thoughts on “Please Join The American Independent As We Ask Glenn Beck To Resign From Public Life

  1. I’ve been lampooning the dishonest, slippery, fear mongering Glenn Beck for a few years now. In March of 2016 Beck’s attorneys subpoenaed me for helping a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings who Beck falsely accused of being a terrorist and then the “money man” behind the attack. You can find some of my videos (which Beck and his cohorts hate) below:

    Beck has been selling his End Times horse manure (he’s admitted that he believes he’s living in the Biblical End Times) for years, which he uses as a platform to sell his survival products, gold etc. Andrew Breitbart called out Beck for being a liar, a fraud and a conman among other things in 2011 and time has proven him right. It’s way past time for Beck and his cohorts to leave the public stage. Best of luck with your efforts.

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  2. GEORGE SOROS made HIS first money BETRAYING Jews to the Germans to be sent to concentration camps so he could take all their money and valuables and st times properties too. Then he started to increase his wealth with more DEATH corruption and destruction up to this day leaving countries devastated and millions killed and displaced hiding behind Bush BILL CLINTON OBAMA and Hillary . He must be charged with all crimes and sentenced to death by public excecution

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