Trump Moving On Agenda At Breakneck Speed – Media Can’t Keep Up!


Donald Trump is ticking off campaign promises one by one. Obamacare is being dismantled. The Border Patrol is now doing their job. Existing immigration laws are being enforced. The VA is being cleaned up. Government bureaucrats are resigning or are getting pink slips. Jobs are being saved and created. The Stock Market is soaring. The media is being neutered. And other countries are stepping up to be a part of a better world order where countries are sovereign and bi-lateral trade agreements are the new normal.

Mexico is still squabbling about paying for the wall. But not for long. President Trump has plans for a 20% tariff on all goods and services coming in from third world Mexico.

Criminals are now thinking twice about challenging law and order under Trump. Sanctuary city funding is being cut off. And liberal lunatics are in disarray – including the so-called mainstream media, who can’t keep up with President Trump. Apparently they got a little too used to following the last president around while he was playing golf or on his endless vacations.

Not bad for a week’s worth of work. 🙂

Russia Is Not Going After Trump – The American Media Run By George Soros IS!


When one set of talking points fails, try a new set of talking points. That seems to be the what is happening with just 9 days until president elect Trump is made into president Trump. According to a vague Buzzfeed story, that is completely unverified and has no sourcing to speak of, Donald Trump is some kind of odd sexual deviant. But right away, this story about ‘golden showers’, a term that half of America might have to Google to understand, had to be planted by the same folks who are covering up Pizzagate.

Keep in mind this is the way these people think. Never mind that a new term is gaining ground among the deviants – Pedosexual. You can now find support groups all over the net and nobody bats an eyelash.

My guess is that George Soros has decided to throw all the money he’s got at this propaganda since trillions of dollars hang in the balance. Soros wouldn’t want any of that money getting back to the peasants he’s owned for the last 8 years. In fact any time a new story like this pops up, it’s very likely it came from Soros’ brainwashing arm, Media Matters. This is the kind of story they run with. To hell with the facts.

This is fake news. Propaganda that has been honed by a bunch of Media Neo Nazis who hate the heartland, and any American seeking some economic relief and mobility. It’s just one more attempt to make Donald Trump into some kind of evil monster prior to his inauguration.

But still none of these outlets pressing the issue could give a rats ass about Bill Clinton or the child sex ring that can be verified down in Washington D.C. Nobody wants to follow the story where John Podesta uses code words for little girl and little boy and seems really excited about the ‘entertainment’ inside the hot tub.

If anything Russia probably has the goods on all of these pervert politicians. This media is the same bunch that minimized the antics of Anthony Weiner so Hillary Clinton could actually run for president. There are no words to describe the level of duplicity and hypocrisy that this group of vermin (reporters?) have sunk to.