Media Industrial Complex Wants A Civil War In Their Relentless Opposition To The Air President Trump Breathes


To say that the media is unhinged is an understatement. Whether it be the out of proportion hysteria with regards to the temporary Muslim ban, or the fact that Donald Trump woke up this morning, you can be certain that this propaganda onslaught is unprecedented.

To his credit, Trump has remained laser focused. He has been meeting with business leaders, signing executive orders and he’s just chosen a well respected supreme court nominee who the democrats will filibuster because it’s the only thing they have left.

With every crazy person shouting in protest, another nail is driven into the ‘progressive‘ coffin. The more people see this opposition party, the more it helps president Trump and a newly minted republican-populist party.

But all of this endless hand wringing can’t coexist with the movers and shakers that are already reforming D.C. We are on a collision course with anarchists who have been talking for a long time about ending President Trump’s life. These tweets and commentaries are flooding social media. YouTube’s community guidelines seem to allow everything that is anti-Trump while at the same time demonetizing anything that references #Pizzagate and George Soros.

The two philosophies are not compatible. And those of us who’ve kept our powder dry for 8 years are now about to have a meltdown. There is a good chance that the cities burn and that real patriots will be asked to put the fires out. Resulting in even more civil unrest, more death and more carnage.

President Trump hopefully has a contingency plan where he can bring the full force of the National Guard down upon these hapless snowflakes. This also includes the FCC who should be prosecuting individuals for making endless threats on our commander in chief.

Something tells me that hell is around the corner. The screaming cacophony is louder than it’s ever been. It’s time to put down this rebellion. And unfortunately, words do not work anymore. It’s time to use brute force. It might be the only thing the enemy can comprehend.


2 thoughts on “Media Industrial Complex Wants A Civil War In Their Relentless Opposition To The Air President Trump Breathes

  1. Agreed 100/:

    I’m so glad U wrote that !!!!
    Now put it in mainstream media
    Please for gods sake
    …I see civil war ….. just the. Halos george sourous wants to create …..the American people turning on eachother
    It’s all part of the grand plan .

    THANKYOU for posting 🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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