Glenn Beck Apologizes To Trump Supporters – Apology NOT Accepted!


This blog was an early harbinger of what Glenn Beck was about. We documented some of the incendiary attacks that were normal for Beck on a daily basis. This included calling Tea Party members who supported Trump racists. Beck referred to Trump supporters as ‘Brownshirts’ with the overtone that Trump is Hilter. Beck and Brad Thor even fantasized about some person – a patriot – who would step up and take Trump out.

The attacks on Trump became so out of control that at one point the Secret Service had an intervention with Beck at his Dallas compound. This compound is a Disney-like theme park or museum where some have wondered if Beck wasn’t using it as his own #Pizzagate rendezvous place.

Beck apparently took a call on his pathetic radio show yesterday from a Trump supporter who made it clear that he had stopped listening to the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment because Beck had equated Donald Trump with Mussolini and Hitler. At that point apparently Glenn Beck told his waning audience that he was sorry for all that he had said and done.

This guy is sorry for everything. He is a mess. He apologized to the left for rhetoric that according to some paved the way for a Trump presidency. He made nicey with Samantha Bee, a left wing nut job from Comedy Central. Just a few days ago Beck pledged to her that he’d help her fight “Trumpism”. 

So on the right hand he’s sorry for all of the bad things he’s said about Trump. And on the left hand he’s sorry for creating Trump. The man is a complete and utter buffoon who speaks out of his ass more than his mouth. He has lost his edge as a radio host. All of the fun, sort of over the top show bits have been replaced with Dr. Phil moments. Beck needs therapy himself and has no business trying to analyze the media or the left wing rioters who according to the left are inspired by the kind of talk Beck specialized in for years leading up to the 2016 election.

Are you confused yet? Well you should be. Beck is the master of deception and confusion. And no amount of crocodile tears will make up for the damage he’s done as a media figure. There isn’t a hole deep enough for Beck to crawl into to make people forget about his self indulgent, unstable and irrational behavior toward Donald Trump.

People now understand that the only person Glenn Beck cares about is Glenn Beck. This blog speaks for thousands of other like minded patriots who loathe Glenn Beck. The American Independent will never accept a Beck apology. Buckets of blood will be scattered everywhere before we forgive this master of deception. The damage is done. The violence being perpetrated against Trump supporters can be traced right back to the man who once made fun of a woman on-air for having a miscarriage.

Glenn Beck, you are a washed up fool. Please help make America great again by resigning completely from public life.


One thought on “Glenn Beck Apologizes To Trump Supporters – Apology NOT Accepted!

  1. I remember Glenn Beck on Fox,and I really enjoyed learning. NEVERTHELESS, when he went to create his own empire….when he hooked up with Ted Cruz …it was bad. But Beck’s horrible attacks on Trump and family were so out of line,it was unbelievable. I was so upset when Tucker Carlson had him on his first show and treated him like a king that I quit watching.Beck needs to be off the air as he will do or say anything for money. I feel the same way about Mark Levin as he sold those books to Cruz SuperPac & attacked Trump and Trump supporters the same way. Neither of them felt Cruz should release sealed citizenship papers.


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