Mark Levin Continues To Find New Ways To Trash President Trump


Magazines like U.S News and World Report and Forbes have compared Donald Trump to 1896 democrat presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan and former president Andrew Jackson. In fact, a portrait of Jackson went up inside the oval office soon after Trump was sworn in. These comparisons have made certain factions in the never Trump brigade scream like rabid animals.

On the front line of this daily or nightly bash festival is none other than Mark Levin. The hack lawyer and former Reagan employee takes it upon himself to broadcast every jot and tittle when it comes to Trump’s nonconformity. Levin wants every Trump surrogate to compare the Donald to his former boss rather than Bryan who was a democrat and a populist who according to Levin appealed to America’s lowest common denominator.

Each time Trump breaks a Reagan cliche or stereotype, “the bald one” shrieks at his audience to let them know that he will keep tabs on the new administration. This includes mister call screener and mister producer who are burning the midnight oil finding all the things about Donald Trump that do not meet Levin’s high standards.

Levin’s audience is equally rinsed of any critical thought. They have been through the spin cycle of Levin’s nasty criticism every night and they never tire of being alone and somewhat insane. Hell, even Glenn Beck apologized to his dwindling group of preppers because his contract is up this year and The Blaze is about to go belly-up.

But Levin has been staking out the never Trump low ground since he had to admit his son-in-law was on Ted Cruz’s campaign payroll. He told his audience to vote for Trump but with the reluctance of someone riding the Zipper after consuming a large enchilada. And these people who call into The Mark Levin Show are more responsive than Pavlov’s dog. No bells needed, just screaming and ranting and bloviating.

Talk radio can’t keep up with Donald Trump. Rush Limbaugh has smartly decided to analyze Trump’s battle with the media rather than worrying about comparisons with Andrew Jackson or William Jennings Bryan. In fact there is no way on earth that Levin’s schedule could allow him to do the kind of backstabbing he is doing each night. He has to be paying Ben Shapiro or Erik Erickson for their cliff notes.

All of this negativity from Levin is designed to drive people over to his new television show on CRTV. A new network of never trumpers who are trying to woo people away from The Blaze or Newsmax TV. CRTV is the home to ‘real’ conservatives, not the rubes who supported Donald Trump. For some reason, these clowns still think they have to be there as a safety net in case Trump does irreparable damage to the Constitution.

Both Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have shot their wad of broadcast capital. They have nothing left in the bank to salvage their respective careers. What they do have left are a few fireworks and some rhetorical flourishes which in the end will doom them to has-been status even more quickly. The difference is Beck is an intentional idiot whereas Levin thinks he’s smart and just ends up sounding like an idiot.

But like everyone else who goes up against Trump it won’t end well for Mark Levin. His petulance is no different than those on the left who seek to destroy the President just because he is breathing. Mark Levin’s motivation is two fold. Ego and money. And Trump has a huge edge in both categories.


One thought on “Mark Levin Continues To Find New Ways To Trash President Trump

  1. This is so ridiculous. Reagan doesn’t even match his myth. He also started NAFTA which killed our jobs, (me personally). The right should stop pretending he walks on water.
    Trump is his own person, very different than others, these people should let Reagan go.
    Great article as usual.

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