Travel Ban or Not – Trump Vetting Process Already In Place


President Donald Trump took to Twitter last week to blast the decision of the 9th circuit court which more or less overturned his temporary ban on some Muslims entering the United States from terrorist hot bed countries. What is extraordinary to watch unfold is this self loathing that takes place within elite circles.

None of these people would be willing to take in an unvetted Syrian refugee unless the maid or the butler had a separate house in the backyard where they could all make merry and talk about life in the third world. Keep in mind the liberal servant class is all likely here illegally.

Trump is only doing what presidents have done for decades. And the president is able to do this through executive power if he deems a credible threat is imminent. The silent majority elected Donald Trump because he repeatedly promised to make America safe again.

Trump then tweeted out that he’s asked Homeland Security to conduct an anal exam an everyone coming through. This won’t be Obama’s catch and release America. Trump plans on using every database that’s available to him to prevent the kind of savagery that is now common in places like Germany.

migrants-in-europeWhat the president is concerned about is the media battle. It looks like he is losing the public relations war even though he is taking massive steps to insure the safety of American citizens. Trump does not like to lose. And in the end, the court will vindicate him. But in the meantime, he is doing the people’s work by vetting the refugees that are so cherished by the 9th circuit.

The people who are most opposed to Trump are all the government contractors that were hired under Obama to create their own cottage industry. This is why when you see an open microphone, there is usually a ‘church official’ railing against Trump. It’s really not about Jesus and his teachings to ‘welcome the foreigner’. It’s really about money. Nobody is rushing to help skilled workers who can’t finance their trip to America. These are people who could add value to the country. But nobody cares about them.

This is a problem that will get solved. Middle eastern countries have agreed to set up safe zones for the refugees . The problem for the Obama contractors is they would have to do their own fundraising to help these salt of the earth people in some middle eastern war zone. The gravy train would come to a grinding halt.

The media can hand wring 24-7. Trump has got plans and back up plans. And in the end, he’s got this. Safe zones and extreme vetting are here. And there’s nothing the 9th circuit can do about it.


One thought on “Travel Ban or Not – Trump Vetting Process Already In Place

  1. This ban (not really a ban), is not discriminatory that is very plain. Even if it were, reading the law it does seem the discretion of the President is far reaching to nations, people, groups, and classes … so cry they want, The President has the authority in securing the nation and keeping our citizens safe… any grade-schooler who reads could see that he does… and the Muslims have been banned (totally banned) because of the threat of their vile and barbaric ideologies. as for proof? just look at the EU … over-run and citizens safety has long ago been compromised.


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