The Coming Civil War


The force of two immovable objects are about to collide. The weight of an election which the left truly believes was hacked by Russia. The truth of the results which for once put working heroes first and left the elites on the coasts behind. This election was the Founding Fathers at their best. The left hates our republic and has convinced the brain dead masses that mob rules democracy is the norm.

The anarchists go ballistic every day. Another Trump cabinet member gets approved and the howling, hand wringing and death threats ensue. With every executive order that brings the law back into practice, we move one step closer to total chaos. The discredited left wing propaganda stream is now openly devoted to destroying Donald Trump and the people who got him elected.

Trump fan beatings are now commonplace and celebrated across the country. George Soros is devoting a good portion of his bank account to gin up a Marxist reality. The left knows that Barack Obama put them in this predicament. Devastating midterm losses in both 2010 and 2014 set the stage for a complete sweep of an ideology that is now on the ropes in Europe.

But Obama’s legacy is not one of protest but one of lawlessness. His tacit wink and nod at the “protesters” in both Ferguson and Baltimore has rippled out to all of the Soros funded anarchist hate groups who are flooding Twitter and social media with Donald Trump death threats.

The patriots who occupy the center right have been awake for a long time. Probably fully awake when Obama decided to use the IRS to target groups they were members of. But even more so now as they see this large group of no-account derelicts marching in lockstep to the noise that pretends to be news.

stop-the-bussesObama’s reign gave the firearms industry a shot in the arm (pun not intended). And these well armed Americans aren’t playing around anymore. They have kept their powder dry but are now ready to turn back the New World Order’s last gasp.

These two forces cannot coexist. A civil war is approaching. Inspired by Yahoo News and YouTube. The people in the heartland don’t understand. Why can’t we screen potential killers? Why are we the only country in the world without a secure border? Why are we so overtaxed and over regulated? Why is it anti-woman to believe that babies are humans too? The list is exhausting.

And nobody in the dying embers of the media wants to answer any of the hard questions. They would rather talk past the rubes in Iowa and explain everything in coastal lingo for their comrades slumped over a keyboard at Starbucks. As if these people count more than the rest of us who see through their shallow attempts at logic. The Trump people are considered angry and stupid. Angry and awake is more like it.

And unless the military is sent in to throw the power grid at CNN, everyday Americans will eventually have to take matters into their own hands. The left has already called for a revolution or a resistance. And as one former president once said, “bring it on”.

America has to be reset in the image of the Founding Fathers or it will cease to exist as the most successful and prosperous nation God ever created. We are at the brink of a civil war. And if you think that is hyperbole, leave your TV on for a while and see if you change your mind.


One thought on “The Coming Civil War

  1. I believe David is correct in his prediction. However, the time frame is probably going to be a bit longer than he suggests. Partly because the large majority of the conservative leaning population is apathetic towards the problem and do not really know how serious it is rapidly becoming. The issue becomes compounded when one examines the full breadth of the breakage we’re seeing. Here’s a good piece about an element of it that very few are aware of:


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