Fake News…Fake Courts and Now A Fake Shadow Government with Obama and Hillary Sharing Power


So maybe if you lose the presidency in a legitimate election you get to call the shots from behind the scenes. The resignation of General Michael Flynn in the midst of fake media spin and leaks that are coming from within the new Trump administration raises some serious questions about a fake government that is now taking shape.

Behind the scenes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and George Soros are calling the shots. Donald Trump thinks that once you win an election you get to be the president. But when every facet of government and the media have been infiltrated with moles and trolls, you sense the Trump victory is only an illusion.

And the people most wedded to this nonsense are those whose communities are now being dismantled. The illegal immigration state. The government contractors who were hired to settle potential terrorists. The countless alphabet soup agencies that are now on the chopping block. The eastern part of the state of Virginia, which is the wealthiest part of America. All of these hacks are under attack. And because they are many, they wield influence and power.

Contrary to popular belief, Obama did build a wall. A wall of government bureaucrats that are very hard to displace and are loyal to their taxpayer subsidized lifestyle. So much so that they’d commit treason to hold on to their piece of the socialist power structure. Like an old city with a grid of complicated roads, this government super structure is it’s own Rubik’s cube with a predominant class of Marxists.

Hillary Clinton’s strange tweet to Flynn was meant to make all the pedophiles in D.C. feel warm and fuzzy and safe. Make deviants safe again may be her new campaign slogan as she nukes up for her 2020 run to break the age and glass ceiling. And it helps when Obama is living in the city and has access to all his old friends from the Bill Ayers institute of anarchy and mayhem. Not to mention the fact that Trump’s new team is not totally in place yet. This makes all the old employees assets until the new administration can serve up pink slips for them.

Even if Trump does get a team in place, there’s a shadow on each of them. There are people willing to do anything TO this country for the right amount of cash. And the global pedophile club would like to stay anonymous for as long as possible. These pesky independent investigators all have targets on their backs. David Seaman, make sure that pistol you’re carrying is loaded.

The shadow government is going to lead to a military coup of some kind. Thankfully the states are sovereign and the shadow courts that make fake rulings will be forced to stand down once the general population understands the mess they are creating. For the Trump takeover to work, it might have to be hostile in nature.

It’s amazing that a group of misfits and anarchists can be this organized and use psych warfare to convince people that Russia is somehow the culprit. Joseph Goebbels was an amateur compared to this because of all the new media and technology that is just waiting to be corrupted and lied through.

Donald Trump may be the president of the United States of America, but he is not calling the shots. There is an alternative government in place designed to usurp power and create chaos whenever possible. And unless they are rooted out, there is no real government in place.


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