Laura Ingraham – Not Beck or Levin: Talk Radio Needs To Get Its Act Together


A lot can happen in 12 months. Donald Trump upended the entire political and media establishment to become the 45th president of the United States. Along the way media pundits chose sides. Some choose wisely. Some chose poorly. Some then apologized and some did nothing to assure listeners that they understood them.

Laura Ingraham has always struggled as a talk radio host. Even though her likability and presentation is second to none. Ingraham, who inked a contract with Courtside Entertainment Group in 2012, has never had the same large scale distribution of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. For instance, here in Southwest Florida, there is really only one right of center talk outlet – 92.5 FM Fox News. The station carries both Mark Levin and Glenn Beck and has Michael Savage prerecorded after Levin’s live three hour scream circus ends. Beck gets 9 to Noon. And Ingraham is found on a low power station in Naples Florida that barely is heard in neighboring Bonita Springs.

This is the case all over the country. Ingraham is found, but on low profile, low power radio stations. And terrestrial radio is still the most popular way to get your message out.

Donald Trump has elevated all of the information platforms that were loyal to him during and after the campaign. Glenn Beck may have destroyed his career with his unhinged daily attacks on Trump. Levin exposed himself as a globalist shill by railing against Trump’s secretary of state Rex Tillerson and for constantly bashing the president with regards to tariffs and trade policy. And Levin will go after any Trump surrogate who steps away from the 1988 neo-conservative template that has proven to be very unpopular with the country’s new love of populism.

To her credit, Laura Ingraham has been preaching about the manufacturing and trade imbalance for more than a decade. She immediately understood the appeal of Trump’s message, and supported Trump even through Billy-Bush gate and all the other media generated controversies. Laura was also helpful in giving Trump advice on how to navigate the new territory he was entering.

As far as the entertainment side of the show, “your healthy radio addiction” is far more interesting and informative than anything Beck or Levin is spewing. Ingraham uses her platform to grill congresspeople and senators who have the courage to come on her show. During the primaries, she eviscerated senator Ted Cruz in an exchange that made the former debate champion (Cruz) look like a failed contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Mark Levin boasts of a sharp legal mind. But people underestimate Ingraham’s capacity to communicate her belief system in a way that transcends all this talk about Hillsdale College and convention of states. Laura lives in real-ville. And her audience is made up of hard working blue collar information gatherers. Levin and Beck are more like the conservative Star Trek convention.

Finally, Ingraham is a strong convert to Roman Catholicism and has adopted three children who she constantly references on air. Out of the three hosts cited here, her faith presentation is the most compelling. Beck’s Kool Aid approach to his LDS faith has turned off thousands of listeners who don’t see the religion as real. Levin on the other hand is more or less a secular Jew who on occasion references God to score political points with his audience. Neither of these two men seem authentic on faith. Whereas Laura Ingraham is close allies with many prominent leaders in the Catholic Church and has EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo as a sub host and co-host on her radio show.

There’s no question that if Ingraham stays out of politics, radio programmers need to think long and hard about ousting Beck. Beck’s contract with IHEART Media is up this year. But it looks as though this subsidiary of Bain Capital is going to renew Beck, albeit for a shorter term. And that is a sad decision. Because Laura Ingraham has proven to be the far better talk radio host and she deserves to be heard on bigger stations in large markets.

The best thing you can do is call your local radio station and ask them to replace Glenn Beck with Laura Ingraham. It’s time for talk radio to get on board the Trump train. There is a lot of money at stake and Ingraham can bring in a whole new group of Trump friendly sponsors who will increase ad revenue and make talk radio great again.


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