Donald Trump: The Best President In Our Lifetime!

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

With apologies to Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump is greatest president in my lifetime or maybe in any lifetime. The media is on red alert trying to dredge up anything of minor significance to derail Trump. And while the noise of the industrial complex echoes and debates itself, Donald Trump is making America great again.

The stock market has hit record highs and added three trillion dollars in value. Job numbers for the month of February were 110,000 more than anticipated. Consumer confidence is at a 10 year high and climbing. Housing starts are up. Illegal border crossings have dropped by 40%! And Obamacare is about to be replaced with something that will be far better.

Not bad for about 5 weeks on the job.

Not to mention the fact that real pride in America is back. Coal miners are going back to work. Regulations are being cut so small businesses can flourish. Community banking is back. Loans are being made. Veterans are being looked after. And a general sense of hope and optimism are here.

The media is running out of steam. Even Van Jones had to admit that Trump is running them ragged. They pick fights over things that most Americans don’t care about. “Trump didn’t let us go to this event with him”. Well maybe if you’d stop bashing him for a few seconds he might grant you access.

What matters most to Americans is the fact the Donald Trump is keeping his promises and moving forward on the most ambitious agenda in modern history. He’s going hard after ISIS. He is negotiating trade deals and lower costs on prescription drugs and military hardware. This is multitasking like we’ve never seen. This is what happens when a successful businessman runs the country.

The joy one feels knowing that our country is on the fast track to being great again surpasses any of the fake news that yips at the heels of president Trump. None of it matters in the larger scheme. Trump has decided he will plow forward and in his wake are many old ideas and stale politicians who will be voted out soon. This is what it feels like to have a government that is working for the people rather than working to destroy our will.

And just think, this is only the beginning.


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