Sean Hannity Is The Real Deal: Glenn Beck Is Now The Oprah of Talk Radio


Sean Hannity has been a relentless supporter of Donald Trump. He was one of the only talk radio hosts who supported Trump from the early moments of his apparent primary win. In fact when the neo-cons and the libtards were screaming about a brokered convention, Hannity remained optimistic and never looked back.

Glenn Beck on the other hand railed against Trump from his holier than thou perch. He had every conceivable candidate on his radio show until Ted Cruz emerged as a possible foil to Trump. Beck spent his days throwing rhetorical shepherd’s pie at the wall hoping anything would stick .It became most comical when Beck was shouting into a room telling onlookers how Ted Cruz was the second coming of Jesus. But then the hoard finds out that Donald Trump is in the building and immediately makes a bee line for the eventual nominee. Beck is left standing, looking much like Humpty Dumpty. No seriously, Glenn Beck is starting to look like Humpty Dumpty.

These days Beck has retreated somewhat. His media empire is in decline and in some key markets so are his ratings. His Blaze app on Roku was the number one application in the news-weather category. It has slipped to #12 with RT America nipping at it’s heals. The problem for Beck is that he wants you to pay for his bias and most people would rather download a free app like Newsmax or RT and get more content and better reporting.

On the radio, Beck has devolved into talking about singularity and Ray Kurzweil. He’s doing war of the worlds style docudrama prerecorded “education” segments because we all voted for Donald Trump and we still aren’t smart enough to understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It’s truly a show that now is more mindless entertainment and babbling than anything else.

Sean Hannity has continued to support president Trump and has teamed up with people like Jay Sekulow to delve deep into the corruption and sedition within the former Obama administration. The difference between Hannity and Beck is light years. Beck is the Oprah of talk radio. Hannity is more like Morton Downey Jr.

Glenn Beck is out of options. His contract is up this year and many are hoping he is not renewed. But the logic is that he will be renewed and in the process give the global elites a counter voice within the so-called conservative movement. There is no reason to listen to or trust Glenn Beck. For Beck it’s always just been about the money and not the people who’ve been duped by his books and media empire. We can only hope that Beck is the 8 track tape of 2017.


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