Roger Stone Says Trump Surveillance Began During Bush Administration


Roger Stone was on the Alex Jones show today filling in during the 4th hour. Stone was his usual witty and informative self. During the appearance Stone indicated that government snooping against Donald Trump began back in 2007 when then citizen Trump began to hint around about a possible presidential run.

Stone is also being harassed and slandered by a growing number of left wing publications that claim he was and still is colluding with the Russians. Of course Stone denies the allegations and has two high powered attorneys on retainer to combat what he calls “fake news” of the worst kind.

Roger also believes that Trump was wiretapped during the run up to the election and that information will come out the proof will be so devastating that even the Rachel Maddow channel will have to eat large portions of crow.

The fact that the surveillance dates back to the W administration further intensifies the idea that there is a uniparty that is dedicated to the status quo of left-right paradigms. Bush has been a harsh critic of Trump.  There is a good chance that Trump knew that Bush was surveilling him and that might be the reason the president went so hard after his brother Jeb during the primaries. There seems to be no love between the Trumps and the Bush clan.

The bottom line according to Roger Stone, Trump has been wiretapped for the last 10 years or so. And he believes there will be subpoenas and grand juries coming in the days ahead and president Trump will be vindicated. And those responsible will be convicted of a felony and sent to prison.


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