Freedom Caucus Fail: Health Care Reform DOA

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and other members of the House Freedom Caucus hold a news conference on Capitol Hill in WashingtonThanks freedom caucus. Thanks for trying to write a bill that is more conservative than it has to be to prove how pure and conservative you are. Thanks for sticking it to millions of Americans who want to escape a huge tax penalty and skyrocketing premiums. Thanks for purposely deceiving the public into thinking that the Ryan bill was Obamacare lite. Thanks for allowing Planned Parenthood to continue taking my money to fund the killing of unborn children.

This is the same Ben Shapiro-Erik Erickson-Steven Crowder-Mark Levin inspired bunch that lives at Hillsdale College and wants to constantly critique us independent rubes who think fair trade is a good idea for the American worker.

Today we heard from minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She told the American people that today was a great day for the country. That disaster (according to her narrow definition) had been averted largely thanks to the freedom caucus.

Donald Trump walked away from this because he knew he didn’t have the votes and taking the vote would be humiliating to his agenda. He even hinted at working with the democrats on a new bill in the future. That seems appropriate since the republicans couldn’t get one done. Thanks again freedom caucus. Your love for doctrinal purity has set the country back for who knows how long. This bill was far better than Obamacare and there were two more implementation steps to go.

This proves again that never Trump morons are the ones doing the most damage to the president’s agenda.


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