Healthcare Debacle Caused By Freedom Caucus and Conservative Talk Radio

Trump PP abd OI am an independent thinker. I also trust president Trump. When Trump tweets out that he blames the freedom caucus and heritage foundation for the fact that we don’t have a health care bill, I support him. In fact I sensed this on Friday morning prior to the vote.

This wasn’t just a setback, this was a flashback to the campaign cycle when goons like Evan McMullin and Glenn Beck were wreaking havoc on the minds of millions of common sense voters. We saw past their meager attempts to make life miserable for Trump supporters. The real Donald Trump supporter isn’t mad at Paul Ryan this morning.

The real Trump supporter is mad at conservative talk radio, the Heritage Foundation and the co-called Freedom Caucus. Yes, Paul Ryan is a brown nosing wuss. But this wasn’t his bill. This was president Trump’s bill. And now we have nothing. These are the facts.

Thursday night on his pathetic radio show, Mark Levin implored the Freedom Caucus to stand ‘on principle’ and vote no on the bill. They did. Thanks Mark. And thanks to all the radio buffoons who helped keep Obamacare in place.


6 thoughts on “Healthcare Debacle Caused By Freedom Caucus and Conservative Talk Radio

  1. This wasn’t Trump’s healthcare bill. This was a bill written by the healthcare industry, as was obamacare. The entire 3-stage premise of Ryan’s plan was BS, and few people were snowed by it.

    If Trump wants a healthcare reform bill, he needs to go back to the Jordan/Paul plan and keep the special interests away from it.


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