Trump Supporters Are Worried

ShrugAmerican fighting ships are on their way to North Korea. Syria is ground zero for a fight against Russia. Obamacare is still the law of the land. The federal hiring freeze has been lifted. And Jared Kushner appears to be calling the shots from the west wing.

Of course there are good things going on.  Judge Neil Gorsuch is now on the court. And illegals are doing U turns somewhere in Mexico. And there is talk that a border wall could be started soon.

But wars are serious. There’s nothing more pressing then the killing human beings. And America has again become “the leader on the world stage”. President Trump was actually enjoying a “big beautiful piece of cake” with Chinese President Xi when he decided to drop some bombs on a Syrian airstrip. This uncoventional diplomacy had a certain appeal on the campaign trail in front of stadium size crowds of deplorables. But in reality, many felt this was an odd way to show strength – including talk show host Michael Savage who takes credit for getting Trump elected.

We get it – Trump isn’t a politician. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a statesman. Yes, North Korea has been a pest for decades, but it seems the consensus was that whoever the fat little dictator was, they posed no threat to the United States pacific coast and were to be left to their own crazy pursuits. That’s why sending Dennis Rodman was appropriate. Crazy meets with crazy, they have an awkward embrace and a photo-op and we move on.

However, president Trump seems eager to make America a war machine again. The neo-cons and the democrats are cheering. All of the wrong people. Take Assad out even though there’s been no definitive explanation of who gassed who. John McCain has gone from war monger to whore monger for war. Trump fans are stunned. We were waiting for the domestic agenda to be completed. We had no idea war was part of it.

This fissure has created a hashtag on social media – #fakebase. This is the most insulting thing I’ve ever seen. It assumes that our loyalty was weak and that many of us were looking for a reason to jump from a moving train. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s more like battered wife syndrome. We’ve seen this movie before. Most of us know that the warfare state is more costly than the welfare state. And none of us had an inkling that this president would focus so heavily on wars and rumors of wars. All we can do is pray for Donald Trump and the people surrounding him. And there’s nothing wrong with keeping our principles in tact.


5 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Are Worried

  1. I know I’m very concerned on the actions of the White House, and I agree with your views, this is not so good……
    I’m hoping Mr. Trump will wake up to the reality that he is being duped by those within his administration……..
    I do think that the American citizens better make known their position on where he is heading……..


  2. War drums are pounding at the same time many Trump administration positions are still unappointed. The CIA, FBI are still lead by the globalist puppeteers. Nothing is being done to the past corrupted traitors (there is a long list of them) even though the proof is stacked a mile high, yet, the shout to topple Assad with no proof is being shouted by the same ones who refuse to act on the likes of Rice, Hillary, Podesta, etc. The son in law acting as senior advisor who has Soros money invested in his real estate projects is more than troubling. Especially when our President has said he is working on bringing peace in the middle east. Quote, “If he can’t bring peace to Israel, no one can.”

    So, hold on to what you have as this all plays out in live theater. Time will tell if this is a good thing or not. There are so many webs intertwined….and I am awake. Sadly, my eyes do see and it is ugly.


  3. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m 7simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please respond via email.



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