It’s Time To End The Warfare State


War has not made us safer. War in the middle east. War in any country has not made the United States of America safer. Saber rattling with North Korea and by proxy China is a very bad idea. Does Pearl Harbor ring a bell?

We have spent an estimated 3 trillion on war efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and various middle eastern hell holes. This price tag does not include soldiers who need medical care and have life long trauma.

To hear people on here all pom-pommy about going to war with North Korea is to hear a comatose argument that is made over and over again in the face of endless debt, death and nation building. This has been a warfare state since Korea and there was no declared winner other than Kuwait which was more like a military operation than a full scale war.

We created the need for a Veterans Administration. 22 of America’s heroes end their lives each day. And yet we stay the course and somehow think we are making America safer.

War is big business. Defense contractors and the stockholders must get giddy with Brian Williams-like excitement when they hear an armada is en route to confront a video game king in North Korea.

 Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas was killed while conducting

We have enough violence inside our borders to worry about. A nation that has no peace within cannot create peace anywhere else. And according to the Founding Fathers, that’s not the job of a Constitutional Republic. As I speak, “friendly fire’ may have caused the senseless deaths of 2 army rangers in Afghanistan. A war that is now 17 years old with no end in sight.

For the love of God, think this through. It’s time to reverse course on the warfare state and make America follow the Constitution again.


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