The Health Care Bill Facade


By a four vote margin, the republicans in the house managed to give president Trump a political victory yesterday. The bill is a precursor to what is next. And nobody who has a brain believes this bill will lower costs and improve choices. The health insurance free market is no different than the car insurance free market. The difference is that people will supposedly die if they can’t get insurance – that according to loon Elizabeth Warren.

More embarrassing was what the president said to the president of Australia. Trump thinks the Aussies have better health care than we do. This dovetails nicely with the president’s opinions from 1999. He toyed with the idea of universal coverage but had an epiphany later on – or at least that is what he told us.

This bill can’t and won’t bend the cost curve down. If you are older, you will pay more for insurance. If you have preexisting conditions you will pay more. Insurance companies want to make profits and since Obamacare was introduced their profit margins have nearly doubled. The ACHA is nothing more than a boon to insurance companies.

The democrats were brilliant in 2010. They rammed through a bill that changed the dynamic of the conversation. They have shifted one seventh of the U.S. economy into the hands of rich elitist congressman and senators who will never have to worry about their own health care. But Obamacare set a horrendous precedent. It is now the norm to think that the government should be involved in your health care. Food Stamp health care coverage is coming. It’s only a matter of time.

You will pay a certain amount each month through a tax or deduction. You will be assigned a doctor who will be a miserable person because he will absolutely hate his job. You will apply for an appointment and the earlier the better. Wait times will be horrific. We have 320 million people in this country, and even though this stuff sort of works in Canada, we are a much larger country with an aging population.

But the democrats will say with a straight face that all Americans are covered. And they will be looked at as the great problem solvers. Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional tirade worked like a charm. I don’t fault Kimmel for wanting the best for his son. The problem is this will lead to some of the worst healthcare in world history. Much like the WIC program that forces you to buy large quantities of cheese and cereal, this will be the health care equivalent. Good luck getting a specialist. Good luck with that wait time.

The truth is that free health clinics are available right now for general medical issues. And they are funded by local taxpayers and private organizations. The doctors there are miserable. Maybe the faith community should train up some medical practitioners to go into this new field of misery and confusion that is coming.

But at least we will all have health care. And the democrats can write that on their tombstone. And eventually the republicans will be in the same graveyard for not coming up with something better.


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